About Us

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Manunetra is the Indonesian based Collaborative Media, created in 2021, at Yogyakarta, that consents about social, pop culture and pop art

Established in September 2021, Manunetra was first formed based on the assignment of the Online Journalistic Media Making course at the Indonesian Literature Study Program, Faculty of Letters, Sanata Dharma University. As of September 13, 2021, the site was used by 8 Indonesian Literature students to complete courses by designing logos, and websites, and collecting 81 articles from September to December 2021.
Manunetra is an acronym for the word “manu” from the word “human” and “netra” which is a synonym for the word “eye”. Based on the etymological form, “manunetra” literally means “human eye”. The meaning of “human eye” in the period September-December 2021 is interpreted as a human point of view. This point of view is practiced in article writing using the author’s point of view which discusses various aspects.

live on the pop culture

We enjoy all cultural products, namely books, music, videos, movies, podcasts, and video games. However, pop culture is not only limited to its products, sometimes things like lifestyle, community, beliefs, mindset, and even academics are included in it. Then, what kind of pop culture is raised by Manunetra? Manunetra presents pop culture events and cultural shifts that occur. This includes trends, phenomena, products, and flashbacks of local and global pop culture.